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Having a tooth pulled is no fun, but sometimes when there has been severe trauma to a tooth, a tooth extraction needs to be performed.

A tooth that has suffered damage beyond repair must be removed. Advanced bone disease, infections, and extremely large cavities are among the reason that certain teeth require removal. Our dental clinic aims to stress the importance of oral hygiene to avoid tooth decay and serious infections  but if a tooth has been neglected for far too long then a tooth extraction houston may be necessary. Teeth that have suffered trauma from an accident or a harsh fall are also unsalvageable.

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Tooth infections that are left untreated can erupt and cause harm to the surrounding roots of other teeth from pressure.

The continued pressure caused by this eruption can eventually damage the roots of nearby teeth. Having a tooth extraction means less damage and less pain to teeth now, preventive damage to other teeth tomorrow and less tooth loss in the future.

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