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Cosmetic issues - broken tooth - cracked tooth - misshapen teeth | Dental Crowns Houston - Bishara Dental

Cosmetic issues - broken tooth - cracked tooth - mishhapen teeth

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Dental Crowns are a cap placed on an existing tooth and cemented into place.

A Dental crown is similar to a filling because they too are used to restore damaged teeth that are the result of cavities and tooth decay. The use of Dental Crowns are, however, more often in cases of major tooth decay where the remaining part of the tooth is just no longer strong enough to support a filling.

Subsequently, if you are suffering from a weak tooth; have a cracked tooth or a broken tooth, a dental crown is also the right solution for you. In fact, dental crowns can also be a solution to cosmetic issues such as stains and misshapen teeth. They can be used instead of veneers depending on the particular issue and your personal preference. Additionally, dental crowns are also always fitted after undergoing a root canal.The  dental crown is also referred to as a cap and is defined as an artificial and hollow tooth covering that restores the natural appearance, shape and function of a damaged tooth. There must, however, be some remnant of the tooth left in order to be fitted with a dental crown. You will be required to see us twice in order to complete this procedure.

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Firstly, on your initial visit, we use a local anesthetic that numbs the affected tooth and surrounding area. In order to fit the dental crowns, we must file down the damaged tooth and remove all signs of bacteria. We then take an impression of the tooth which is used to make a perfectly fitted crown. Thereafter, you are fitted with a temporary crown that will remain in place until the follow up visit.

On the second visit, we remove the temporary crown and ensure that the final dental crown fits perfectly and is the right color and shape. If so, we cement it in place. Furthermore, follow up treatment might be necessary depending on your specific case.

It is vitally important to maintain good oral hygiene and be diligent with brushing, flossing and having regular dental check-ups. Complications are rare but in the event of any discomfort, please contact us immediately so that we can remedy the issue.


Contact Bishara Dental of Houston to make your appointment to restore your oral cosmetic issues. We provide excellent dental crowns and personal care that will have your broken tooth, cracked tooth, or misshapen teeth feeling and looking good as new. 

misshapen teeth - Cosmetic Issues - broken tooth - cracked tooth - Dental Crowns Houston - Bishara Dental

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