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Why should Bishara Dental Clinic Houston be your Houston dentist? Dr. Bishara and his dental clinic team each have a broad background and education in dentistry and cosmetic dentistry, as well as a deep-rooted passion for oral health and hygiene.

Bishara Dental Clinic provides a number of different services from preventative care, like routine teeth cleanings to complete smile makeovers, with veneers, dental implants, and dentures. Bishara Dental takes pride in building great relationships, trust and exemplary outcomes for all of their patients.

Dental Clinic Houston - Bishara Dental

Meet Your Houston Dentist

You should never grow anxious when thinking about scheduling a long overdue appointment with your Houston dentist. We want to introduce ourselves below so that anxious first-time patients can walk into our dental clinic with a little more knowledge about who is going to help you leave with a smile! We are more than excited to be your Houston dentist.

Your Houston Dentist - Dr. Mena Bishara

Mena Bishara, DMD

Dr. Mena Bishara completed his dental training at UNLV where he obtained his DMD degree. Besides the extensive training at his dental school, he completed three externship rotations at other non-affiliated schools and hospitals in the field of oral surgery.

Dr. Bishara has been practicing in Texas since 2009 for various dental clinics before starting his own practice. Along with performing dentistry in his own practice, Dr. Bishara participates in various volunteering programs as well as community outreach activities.

In addition to English, Dr. Bishara is fluent in French, Arabic, and Spanish.

Dr. Bishara is committed to the advancement of dentistry and takes great pride in his work making no compromises in patient care.

Contact Houston Dentist - Dr. Mena Bishara and you too can have a before and after picture! 

Although, we can't make you Katy Perry. We would if we could!  

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Contact Houston Dentist - Dr. Mena Bishara