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Your Houston Dentist, Dr. Mena Bishara, DMD.  Professional Care in the Houston Galleria Area Since 2009

Deep rooted passion for oral health & hygiene and committed to advancement of personal care and professional dentistry. Contact Cosmetic Dentist & Family Discount Dental Clinic. Dental Clinic Services including: Servicing Inlay & Onlay Cavities/Fillings, Tooth Extractions, Sleep Apnea Treatment, Adult Braces – Cfast, Root Canal, Teeth Whitening and surgical dental implants are just some of the dental services offered at Bishara Dental, a dental health care clinic.

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Dental Services from Preventive Care to Teeth Whitening for a Complete Smile Makeover!


Went to Dr. M Bishara for a regular check-up and cleaning. He and his staff were friendly, helpful and professional. The office was clean and modern. I would definitely go back and recommend him to my friends/family. D. G.

Dr Bishara has been my kids dentist for over a year. I have been extremely satisfied with the way he deals with my 5 year old son and his numerous dental issues. Dr Bishara took my sons problems one a time which made things easy on both my son and I. After 3 visits we had all the work done with no complications what so ever. I would definitely recommend Bishara dental for pediatric patients. Best tooth doctor in the whole wide world according to my babies!! N. I.

Dr. Mena Bishara took the time to explain everything to me, answering all my questions, giving me different options for my budget and schedule. M. B.

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